A cat toy is just what you need for a happy pet!

In a house where a mischievous fluffy lives, requiring attention, it is recommended to put a tunnel for cats. In order for a pet to be in a good mood and decent physical shape, he must spend inexhaustible energy on games and entertainment. Cats at any age remain playful and find toys for themselves in a variety of things - from flying midges to any objects lying on the floor. Due to the fact that it can be difficult to find an object for games at home, an active cat's pastime ends with torn wallpaper, scattered clothes, broken dishes and other problems. In order not to face such troubles, you need to get a good toy for your pet.

Cat toys must meet a number of basic requirements. Before you start making such a thing with your own hands, you should familiarize yourself with them. Large cat toys are safer, especially if you plan on making them for a small kitten. If you follow this requirement, you will save the animal from accidentally swallowing a small object (which can end badly). A toy for a cat or kitty should not be too heavy. Otherwise, it will not be very convenient for the animal to play with it. And if you are doing a thing for the baby, then a heavy toy may even pose a danger to him - you will have to throw it very carefully so that it does not accidentally fall on the kitten. It is not recommended to make them too hard, because the little kitten can damage the teeth about them. The toy should not have any sharp or other dangerous parts that could hurt your pet.

Tease toys are especially loved by cats. Such things always immediately attract the attention of pets and can keep them busy for a long time. For example, one of the most successful options can be a homemade fishing rod for a cat. In the game with the specified object, the owner always takes a direct part, which makes the animal even more happy. If the owner does not want to waste time on this, the fishing rod can be made with a longer rod so that you can play with the animal without getting up from the chair. a stick of any size or a rod from a fishing rod purchased in a store; blue ribbon; lace; insulating tape; feathers; glue First, take a stick of the correct length. Now design it in an interesting way by winding a ribbon on top. The remains can be cut off with a knife. Next, leaving the same intervals along the length, stick electrical tape on the stick. Tie the prepared feathers using a string. To make the thing rustle louder, it is permissible to additionally tie ribbons. Cut the end of the tape with scissors and glue it carefully. Now connect the cord to the feathers and the stick using glue. As a result, you will have a good cat teaser. Such a thing will not only be interesting for the pet, but also make it possible to use it for a long time.

If you know how to knit well, then you can make a knitted mouse or fish for the cat. These yarn toys will attract a lot of attention. The same things can be made from dense textiles. The best materials in this case will be: fleece; felt; artificial suede; drape; fur. Everyone can make a teaser mouse for a cat. This will require the following manipulations: cut out a triangle from the selected fabric or fur, sew two sides of it; now carefully fill the resulting bag with cotton wool, yarn leftovers or foam rubber; pull off the edge that you did not sew; attach a tail and ears to the toy. fish can be made by the same principle. The most popular and easiest teasers to perform will be cute pompons or panicles. These things can be made from fleece or knitwear. You just need to carefully cut a few strips, wrap them with a cord in the middle several times, and then tighten them tightly. This is the end of the exciting teaser. It is advisable to use brighter and more juicy-colored fabrics for its manufacture - such a toy will attract more attention. Intelligent toys for cats are great solutions, since they have a positive effect not only on the mood of the pets, but also on their mental development. For a cat to learn something new, it is not at all necessary to build closed systems with hidden balls, treats or woolen balls. Instead of such structures, it is permissible to make real labyrinths. Original toys for cats are made from corks. Cats love to play with them, because these details are very light. Of course, you can just give your pet a wine cork, or you can spend a little free time and make such a toy more interesting. For example, you can crochet the cork or attach colorful ribbons / feathers to it. A huge number of different figures can be made from felt. It will be interesting for the cat to play with them if you add them with feathers, woolen multi-colored threads or bright ribbons. For example, it can be adorable little fish with bright fins and a tail made of ribbons, or a miniature felt jellyfish with tentacles made of small ropes or bright feathers. To make an interesting toy for a cat, you can use an old, unnecessary T-shirt. Cut it into thin strips, and then put them all together and pull together in a large bright knot.

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